Wentzinger Realschule


Group 1:Our School
Melvin, Lorenz, Florian, Henry

Our school is Wentzinger Realschule. The Wentzinger Realschule is in Freiburg. 500 pupils attend the school and 45 teachers work at the school. At the moment our school is renovated. In our classrooms we have smart boards. We haven’t got a school uniform, we wear casual clothes at school.

The school building


Our classroom

Group 2: Our Class
Iman, Fabienne, Leonie, Kiara

In the class 6b are nine girls and twelve boys. We are a ‘Bläserklasse’, so we all play an instrument. We play the flute, the saxophone, the clarinet, the drums, the trumpet and the trombone. We are sporty. We all like football. We don’t like school.

Group 3:Our class trip to the ‘Schauinsland’
Tobias, Ali, Benjamin, Arthur

On 30th September we went to the hostel ‘Luginsland’ by bus. The boys played table tennis. We had Spagetti Bolognese for lunch and sandwiches for dinner. Some kids jumped on the trampoline from the balcony. We went for a scary night walk. On Tuesday 1st October we went to the ‘Todtnau Waterfalls’. We walked up to the rollercoaster and rode with the rollercoaster. That was fun! Then we ate ice cream. We had a funny birthday party for Kiara. We had Schnitzel and chips for dinner. On Wednesday 2nd October we cleaned our rooms and walked back to Freiburg.


Group 4:Subjects/Timetable
Alexandr, Julian, Leo
Here, school starts at 7.50 and ends at 13.05. The favourite subject in our class is PE. In our English lessons, we learn English.

This is our timetable:


Group 5: Where we live
Lea, Kathrin, Julia, Eljana

The most pupils come from Freiburg-Mooswald, Freiburg-Landwasser and Freiburg-Hochdorf (village).Freiburg has 200.000 inhabitants. Freiburg is near the Black Forest. Typical tourist attractions are the ‘Schlossberg’ with the lookout tower, the cathedral (‘Münster’) and the Christmas market.





Ein Gedanke zu „Wentzinger Realschule

  1. Hello Longdean School,

    Thank you for your presentations- the ones we have already got are really nice and gave us a good insight into your school life and your opinions on school!
    On this page we present our school- we prepared these texts in groups.

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Wentzinger Realschule, class 6b

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